I need to deploy a CentOs Cloud Image on private server(kind of bare metal server). So i download CentOS cloud image and customize it with virt-customize having SSH enabled with Password Authentication by running build_script.sh having following commands.

if [[ -z $distro ]]; then
  echo "USAGE: $0 image_path config_dir"
  exit 0
if [[ -z $config_dir ]]; then
  echo "USAGE: $0 image_path config_dir"
  exit 0
sudo virt-customize --install openssh-server -a $distro
sudo virt-customize --install openssh-clients -a $distro 
sudo virt-customize --run-command 'systemctl enable sshd' -a $distro 
sudo virt-customize --mkdir /var/ssh/ -a $distro
sudo virt-customize --copy-in $config_dir/sshd_config:/etc/ssh/ -a $distro
sudo virt-customize --run-command 'systemctl start sshd' -a $distro 

And sshd_config looks like

ClientAliveInterval 360
ClientAliveCountMax 0
PermitEmptyPasswords no
PermitRootLogin no
PasswordAuthentication yes

Before deploying and booting up i have manually verified that sshd_config is having these values but, when it boots up the configuration change PasswordAuthenticatin yes to PasswordAuthentication no. What is changing this, i am not able to debug. Thanks in advance for Helping.


To allow console connection with ssh (login without password) you need to add the following command. Your problem will be resolved.

virt-customize -a /img/$VM_NAME.qcow2  --run-command 'echo PermitRootLogin yes >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config'

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