My all Five(5) domains previously runs on a Shared Hosting Account using cPanel along-with a Primary Domain and other Four(4) domains as Secondary Domains on it.
This Shared Account used for Web Server, DNS Server as well Mail Server too.
I have recently migrated my hosting account from Shared to another VPS server and I have converted a secondary domain (example.com) into full website i.e. now it's not a child domain.
Now my secondary domain example.com becomes Primary Domain on that VPS using CyberPanel but my email accounts associated with the domain example.com can't shows under ListEmail Accounts in my CyberPanel Hosting Control Panel.
So, I need to find out all email accounts associated with example.com and manually transfer all that within it (example.com). Now how can I find the correct emails directory of all domains; Is all emails are in a single directory or in different dir's.
I need to extract all emails account of a particular secondary domain like example.com. Regards,

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